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Lake Frontage

The beauty of Lake Superior is enchanting whether it be

just a few feet away or part of a majestic view.

Current Offerings:

Hillis House
Maximum occupancy: 4 + 12 bedrooms

1 day-bed good for a child 2 baths
Weekly only in high season, Sun.-Sun.

3 nights in low season 

High season rate:

$289 /nightly

$1734 /weekly


Maximum occupancy: 6 + 13 bedrooms,

2 baths plus outdoor shower

Weekly only high season

3 nights minimum low season 

High season rate:

$360 /nightly

$2160 /weekly

What to Bring When You Come:

-Bring salt, pepper & spices (Ashland County Health Department rentals

are not allowed to stock these items).
-Bring plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
- Bring beach Towel (for pool and beach).
-If rental is advertised as having a charcoal grill, please remember to

bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid.
-If rental is advertised as having a gas grill, the Inn will provide

free propane exchanges.
-Coffee is provided in the Lightkeeper's Lodge and Fairway Suites only.
For all other rentals please bring your own coffee. Filters are provided.
-Shampoo and conditioner is provided in the Lightkeeper’s Lodge,

the Lakeside Condos,
the Bungalows and Fairway Suites only.

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