Covid-19 Information

Updated: 5-12-2020

Dear Madeline Island Community Including Guests Who Cherish Our Island,

In these difficult times we are thinking of you and your family’s health while we try to achieve a new ‘normal’. In addition to our highly valued guests, we also consider the residents of Madeline Island and our staff. We believe one person’s life or good health is more important than any economic reward we can gain by opening too fast. We are looking to our leaders in science to guide us for the safest re-opening decisions. Wisconsin’s guidelines will be our guide. Therefore, changes to our plans are possible and/or likely as we receive new information.

In 2020 we welcome back Island Residents and guests with a special connection to Madeline Island. We encourage potential first-time visitors to plan their visit for 2021. We want to provide the best dining and lodging experience possible along with being safe.

The Pub restaurant will be open for take-out starting Friday May 15th. Our Inn, (lodging) will remain closed until shortly after the Wisconsin’s Governor Lockdown is lifted which is currently scheduled for May 26th. Room reservations starting June 1st, 2020 will be honored if there is not a new order from the Wisconsin government.

Our cleaning procedures have been enhanced using the latest processes available to us to disinfect the Covid19 Virus.

The swimming pool will remain closed for the 2020 season.

As been said by many others ‘We will get through this.’ We are also using the year 2020 to plan for fantastic Madeline Island Vacations for 2021 and beyond. Please keep us in your thoughts.

For additional travel information related to Covid-19 for our region please visit the Covid-19 information page at the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce.



Bob Hartzell

Proprietor of The Inn on Madeline Island