Covid-19 Information

The Pub Restaurant’s COVID19 2021 Statement

Our 2021 season has commenced and we’re looking forward to seeing you at The Pub!  Summer 2020 primarily limited us to a “to-go menu” but, this year we are altering our style of service and updating our protocol. We now can welcome you back in our doors and regain a semblance of how dining at The Pub used to be. Our outdoor seating has been expanded and you can  enjoy your meal while taking in the beauty of Lake Superior. If you’d like to be inside, the door to our bar is open with a limited number of tables. We ask that if you have not been vaccinated that you please wear a mask whenever you are not seated. The bar seats are open and we encourage you to belly-up and enjoy our new wine & cocktail list. 


In order to protect our staff, customers, and community please read the information below before your arrival:



Please wear a mask when in transit (before sitting down, using the restroom, approaching the bar, etc.) if you have not received a COVID19 vaccination. Please  be mindful that the CDC recommends a limit of 90 min for dining time. We have provided supplies to support healthy hygiene for employees and customers including hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building.

We kindly ask that you do not come to our restaurant if:

  • You are experiencing any COVID19 related symptoms: fever, shortness of breath, chills, cough, loss of taste/smell, or sore throat.
  • You may have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID19 or has symptoms related to COVID19. 


Our Staff

The Pub staff has agreed to follow new safety protocol that includes:

  • Increased cleaning, sanitizing and safely disinfecting
  • Employees are prohibited from working if they are sick
  • Strict hand washing and sanitizing surfaces
  • Adherence to laws and guidelines set by State of WI and local municipalities 
  • Encouraged  to report formal and informal safety concerns
  • All employees are educated on COVID19 updates & practices 
  • Servers must wear masks when on the clock
  • Employees must wear gloves when disposing of trash 


With our new approach, we’re hoping to balance superior service while making sure  we prioritize safety. We’re looking forward to the day when we can serve you like we used to, but until then, we’ll keep you safe and provide the same quality of food & drinks under our new structure.